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Physiotherapy Services

Thorough, personalised and holistic assessment with testing of nerves, joints, muscles and movements, Cherelle locates and resolves your underlying issues. She does this be assessing your current activity levels and goals and looks at the impact of lifestyle factors such as workstation set up, postural loads and life stresses.

By treating and educating you on injury management and prevention, strength training, goal setting and body overload, Cherelle takes the time to discuss life beyond the clinic. This helps you understand the role that sleep, nutrition, stress, emotions and a range of lifestyle factors play in your overall health.

Cherelle listens to and cares for her clients. By asking deeper questions, Cherelle can understand how to help you relieve pain, restore movement, prevent injury reoccurrence and improve your overall health.


Injury Management

Injuries happen but you don’t have to live with the pain. By working through the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms, Cherelle will care for your injury correctly.


Dry Needling

Muscular problems can be treated effectively through the use of dry needling. By inserting a fine needle into the trigger point of the muscle, it will specifically target muscle tightness and help restore muscle function.


Movement Restoration

As we age, we collect bad habits which can lead to a reduction of movement. This can also be caused by injury and lifestyle factors. Restoring movement can give you a whole new lease of life.


Pregnancy and Postpartum

As a working mum of two, Cherelle understands the importance of work/life balance. Whether you’re trying to conceive, are a new or expecting mum, Cherelle will keep your body working for you.


Strength Training

Your body is a machine and as such, it needs to move correctly to maintain and increase strength. As an experienced physiotherapist, Cherelle can prepare you for competitions and events.


Preparation for Surgery

By getting your body in the best shape possible, you will vastly increase the likelihood of a successful outcome from surgery. Give yourself the best chance by preparing your body and mind.

Did You Know?

There are benefits from seeing a physiotherapist for people who have restricted movement, unusual sensations like pins and needles and numbness, pain or those seeking performance enhancement.   

By taking the time to listen to your story, connect to the body and find the root cause of the problem, Cherelle will create a step-by-step plan and ask the questions she needs to uncover the pathway which will improve your overall health.

How Physiotherapy Can Help

You don’t need to be in pain to benefit from working with a physiotherapist. Cherelle has prepared athletes for the Olympics, International Powerlifting competitions and National Rowing Championships. Through a combination of approaches, you’ll improve your movement, muscle activation and reach optimum function whether you’re in training for a competition, or just wanting to get the best out of your life.

Preparing for surgery

Recovery from injury

Working with you through pregnancy

Regain resilience postpartum

Maximise fitness

Training for events

Personalised For You

Cherelle sees people of all age groups with a wide range of conditions and lifestyles. From elite athletes to everyday heroes, grandparents, extreme outdoor sports enthusiasts and children, Cherelle works hard to empower her clients to live the life they choose. Being a mum, she understands the challenge of achieveing a healthy work/life balance and gains satisfaction from helping mums to regain their resilience.

A personalised summary is emailed to each client after every session so they can see how they are progressing towards their goals. This can include self care exercises to ensure the body gets the support it needs outside of the clinic.

I am ready to improve my life

With no referral from your GP required, you can start your journey to a better quality of life right away.

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